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ShopCanvas Art for Every Corner of Your Living Space

When it comes to a well-styled, and attractive home then art is something that can deliver you desirable outcomes, but you need to understand that selecting pieces in order to showcase them throughout the home can be a major task.

In order to guide you with the process of choosing perfect quality of canvas art for every corner of living space or to set-up an attractive interior space, you don’t need to be a pro designer. Right from your dining room to personal bathroom, you can turn your space into a beautiful house through the help of canvas prints. Through the tips and tactics, you are going to have, you can have a better performing living space, no matter what canvas photo prints or abstract piece you are using.


Bedroom is more specific in terms of getting relaxed and art pieces featured in this space have to be less overwhelming in terms of overall design or hue. Most of the time people want their bedroom to be calm & nurturing, so always choose art with blue tones, and natural vibes to have a fresh look. Youi can shop for the landscapes& soft abstracts that looks great in your bedroom.While choosing artwork, just keep your pillow & bedding hues, top of your mind, and also make sure that selected colours go better with your pillows or bedding to generate harmonious environment.

Living Room

Adding a gallery wall in your living room can offer you a better styling option. You can consider taking varying nature of objects like figurative works in terms of still lives & landscapes, while considering beautiful canvas print artwork. Also go after Oil painting, photography and water colours to mix and match different frames. The area just above your central furniture i.e. sofa is one of the best places to hand oversized or a singular art piece to go creative


When we talk about art pieces that can be perfectly displayed in your kitchen space then you need to be practical in terms of not considering glass framed pieces. Canvas art of landscapes or fruit can work better in your kitchen. It should be right next to your range hood as it generates right sort of visual appearance. In case you love any art piece and want to give it a maximum attention then you need to place it at your dining nook. Range Hood is the focal point in your kitchen, therefore, don’t be so loud in that place, instead go after tiny frames with muted appearance or try hands with abstract paintings.

Dining Room

It doesn’t matter whether you are using your dining room each & every day or only once in a week, your dining room is a kind of living space that needs to be loud and colourful as per the experts. It is a favourite place to show your creativity and implement something unique. You can easily go bold in this space in terms of shopping for the beautiful artwork and furnishings. It is something like a mystery box of your entire house, and one can take calculated risk in this space in terms of striking colours, attractive art, oversized art pieces, etc. A dining room space can be interesting enough to make your conversation go longer with homemade art or a 3D artwork. You should not use plain frames for hanging your art pieces.Also, if you want to be fun loving then you can make use of sculptural pieces to go beyond any traditional style.


Next on the list is more than just a utilitarian area. Bathroom should be aesthetically pleasing in terms of selecting pictures of relaxing qualities. Using a serene tones & motifs together with your tub soak can provide you a peaceful moment. You can try something special in your bathroom from art store for giving appropriate balance to your house.


Having home-based office that can be utilized each & every day, is definitely a trend that has been followed in a recent time. With number of employees are now implementing Work from home culture, a home based workspace is a great place to hang beautiful art pieces. This place is an important area in your house and you should hang an appealing artwork for the views during the video meetings. You can go after some motivational art pieces with personalised quotes in terms of wall mounted frames or neon signs. Pictures that can bring a sense of relief can also be a good art piece for workspace.

Rohan Talon
the authorRohan Talon